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Coaching & Courses

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There are several areas of courses available at The Boat Driving Hub based around water sports, water safety, and first aid.

Whatever your area of interest, The Boat Driving Hub delivers professional, gold standard training for all levels and abilities to help you achieve your goals.

The Ski Boat Driver courses are formal proof of your level of driving ability, and will give you a recognised qualification to join a private boat owners watersports club, or work for a ski school or watersports centre in the UK.

Additionally take together with the ICC to work a season abroad at a holiday resort.

The UKCC Waterski & Wakeboard Coaching Certificate is for volunteers that coach regularly at their club, and anyone who will be working as a paid coach at a ski school or holiday company, such as Neilson Active Holidays.

The qualification meets the standard for coaching unaccompanied for any level, from beginner to advanced.

On successful completion of the qualification, candidates will be certified to coach unassisted anywhere in the UK and abroad.

This qualification is perfect for people with a passion for open water sports.

The OWL qualification is based on lifeguarding outdoor activities such as open water swimming, paddle boarding, and inflatable aquaparks.

It will enable participants to support their local club or event with safety cover, or to get a job with an outdoor aquapark or activity company.

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